Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Want Your Semi-Overweight Photo!

Are you Semi-Overweight? Prove it! Post a photo of yourself whenever you're feeling a bit over the top. We prefer spontaneity and flare. Go head and get weird with it. No weak shit! TRY IT. 

Go to our Facebook page and Like us to participate. Excessive photos only. Arbitrary score cards are given to your photos while we snack.

Don't worry, the cola is extra large diet.

Poolside eating is hilarious too. She must have had a friend with a sense of humor. How do you get pictures of the really good stuff, like when your eating fried chicken in bed, or a Snickers in the shower? We hope you have a little fun with it! You don't have to be shirtless, that's not the thing to focus on. Let's do one more so you get an idea of the things we are looking for...

That's what we want. Gluttony! Waste! Abundance! NO SHAME!

…and another…

Anything goes people. We're excited to see what you post.

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