Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year 2013 w/DJ FIJ @ LUCID LOUNGE

Last chance to save your spot to our 2nd annual NYE! It's going to be a classic SemiOverweight Production (dance party w/ amazing food by Chef Jamil Alston, open bar packages, champagne flowing)

 By getting with DJ FIJ and LUCID LOUNGE we highlight another dope underground Seattle music venue and a fresh selector. Definitely look out for more from these two collaborators in 2013. 

Happy NYE 2013 from your guys at SemiOverweight Productions

Thursday, July 26, 2012


SemiOverweight is focusing on a grassroots music project called "Ward of State" and you can follow the movement here, on twitter and Facebook ( @WardOfState ) or check back for the official fosterhood site.

The "Ward of State" project is about connecting inspired hip-hop to Washington state foster-youth and sharing the values of collaboration, communication, follow-through, and perseverance as the true keys to success...

Tupac Shakur screamed “T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E” almost twenty years ago (The Hate U Gave Little Infants FUCKS Everybody!) Last year, the Grammy award winning R&B artist, John Legend, claimed that an equal public education is theee Civil Rights movement of the new generation. These statements are valid if our collective data on dropout and graduation rates are telling us anything. We have to bridge the gap between concepts of success they learn in school and what they've seen in real life. In short, we need to address where these kids are coming from if we are going to expect a better future.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Eve!

Hey everyone! We're getting excited for New Year's Eve, so we hope you are too. For those of you who haven't bought your tickets yet, here's a link to do that, and a flyer with all the details!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Lately, Semi-Overweight Productions has been busy as ever. We are planning a special surprise for you - only we cant tell you about it yet - but for now we are announcing the release of our new beat-tape for December 31st, 2011.

FOR SEMI OVERWEIGHT PRODUCTIONs LEAKS: follow us on soundcloud! We are updating almost every day with rough drafts from our studio sessions. We've been loving all the feedback too! Keep it coming.


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The Semi-Overweight philosophy is that we are ALL trying to live life to the fullest. Hoping to spell this out for you, This is our Never Been a Skinny King story...

There was a king who was very disturbed and uneasy, and he thought of committing suicide. He got on his horse and rode towards the jungle. There he saw a young shepherd playing on his flute, and nearby his sheep were grazing. There was such magic in the tune of his flute that the king stopped his horse and told that young man, ”You are playing your flute with such joy and abandon that you seem to have been given a kingdom!” That young man replied, ”Kindly pray to God that whatever may be my sins he should never give me a kingdom!” The king said, ”You are mad! What is your fear of a kingdom?”

The young man said, ”A man is a king while he has no kingdom. No sooner does he acquire a kingdom then he becomes a slave.”

So far nobody has seen a king who is really a king, although many who had nothing have been seen by the world who were real kings, whose joy and bliss knew no bounds, and who created such music in themselves that that music can still be heard even after thousands of years. The world has not seen any music and bliss arising from within any king. His clothes are shining, but his soul is deeply rusted. His crown is shining, but there is no light in his head – there cannot be ever. What he chooses shows that there can be no inner light. If he had that inner light he would not have been madly wanting to decorate his head with gold.

One who has a golden head never cares for wearing a gold crown on his head. Who is mad enough to drag stones around?

But those who have no golden head have their head filled with a lot of rubbish, and a gold crown hides that rubbish. So that young man said, ”Pardon me, and please pray to God that he may not make me a king, ever.”

The king was puzzled. He said, ”I see that you are wearing torn clothes and your work is to graze your sheep. What is the secret of your joy?”

The young man said, ”The secret of happiness is not related to what you have, but in how you
are using what you have.”
He further said, ”I have eyes – I see the beauty of nature and become delighted. I have sheep – I love them and my heart is full of joy. What is lacking for me? I have healthy hands and feet, I am earning my daily bread. Night and day I am near the moon and stars, the jungle and the hills. What is lacking? Yes, I am lacking in one thing: the anxiety of kings. I have a deep sleep at night.”
The king said, ”What you are saying is right. Go back to the town and tell the people that you met me and tell them that I have agreed with you on what you are saying about happiness, and that I had come to the forest to commit suicide. I pray to God he may never give you a kingdom.”

Nobody should ever think of having a kingdom. Whosoever gets the idea of running a kingdom becomes sick and diseased; his life is being destroyed. But still we are all running a race to have kingdoms. The American dream is 5 cars and a white picket fence leading to a wraparound deck with a hot-tub installed. It does not matter what you want to become: as long as you are running after becoming something, you are in the race to become a king. It may be just a small kingdom, but that makes no difference.

The fundamental thing is to recognize what you have within and rejoice in it, to tend the potentiality of it with love. If you can do that, your life can be full of joy. Everyone’s life can be full of joy; everything depends on how we use what we have – just as the shepherd said.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


He was a Texan named Arch West and in 1966 he invented delicious in a bag. The chip product that would become an emotional eater's favorite nightmare…Ok...but seriously we have to pay tribute to him. We can all admit that Doritos played a big part in every sleepover we ever had. Every football Sunday, Superbowl party, BBQ, and get-together ever. You can't imagine a world without it on the shelves.  Nay. You DONT WANT a world without it on the shelves. (check out the links - their hilarious old Doritos commercials)

Internet rumors confirm that the family will be pouring chips into the coffin…Semi-Overweight can't think of a higher honor. R.I.P Arch West. 

P.S - How did he live to 97 years old? And one more question…Where did the 3-D Doritos go? Those were a revelation!

We Want Your Semi-Overweight Photo!

Are you Semi-Overweight? Prove it! Post a photo of yourself whenever you're feeling a bit over the top. We prefer spontaneity and flare. Go head and get weird with it. No weak shit! TRY IT. 

Go to our Facebook page and Like us to participate. Excessive photos only. Arbitrary score cards are given to your photos while we snack.

Don't worry, the cola is extra large diet.

Poolside eating is hilarious too. She must have had a friend with a sense of humor. How do you get pictures of the really good stuff, like when your eating fried chicken in bed, or a Snickers in the shower? We hope you have a little fun with it! You don't have to be shirtless, that's not the thing to focus on. Let's do one more so you get an idea of the things we are looking for...

That's what we want. Gluttony! Waste! Abundance! NO SHAME!

…and another…

Anything goes people. We're excited to see what you post.