Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things Fat People LIke #1

For those of you unfamiliar with "Things White People Like", it is a hilarious blog summarizing stereotypical indulgences of white people in America. In similar spirit, we at Semi Overweight have taken it upon ourselves to begin the list of "Things Fat People Like". Read On:

TFPL #1 : Using Holidays to Excuse Overeating
Fat people love habitual overeating. Your normal night may consist of a moderate dinner and dessert at home, bookended by $13 trips to Taco Bell, but on these nights, the guilt of the astronomical caloric intake you've once again subjected yourself to can often kill your buzz. But if it's Thanksgiving, and EVERYONE is having pie, well it'd just be rude to decline. If it's Christmas and there are cookies on the table, they won't eat themselves, will they? If the whole family is going to crowd around the table and stuff themselves silly, well then you ought to do the same. Watching your sister and parents pack away the turkey and stuffing eases your self-consciousness while following in kind. On these few days of excess every year, the fit among us look forward to enjoying the perennially delicious food in generous portions- something the portly population takes great care to secure for themselves on a daily basis. The true beauty in these holidays for people of size lies in the alleviation of guilt while feeding themselves on a massive scale.

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