Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Sausage

Semi Overweight is not responsible for inducing heart failure…This is the "enchilada filled Summer Sausage." Hopefully posts like this will make all the weight loss groups stop following us soon.

My commitment to the Semi lifestyle scares my own family whenever I show up for meals between the months of June - August…because I try to eat Summer Sausage exclusively.  I always liked to the idea of a "reverse Lent…" where you sacrifice all foods EXCEPT the most sinful. Now that's repenting. I mean, you might find me nibbling beef jerky, or, a nice pep-stick from time to time. But I'm fairly disciplined with this. It's rare to go a day without Summer Sausage at this point. At first, I adapted to the Summer Sausage diet as a sort of tradition to call my own. It's also become my favorite shopping day of the year. I try to drum up as much shock and awe with my grocery cart as possible…

I don't think I should need to explain the appeal, but (mostly for the sake of blogging) I think the main advantages of my Summer Sausage summer diet are as follows…

1. I find that nobody is upset that I have Summer Sausage in bulk (although pets can be a problem). It's such a natural party snack! Remember how great finger foods are? Now you add slices of cheese? Party Stopper.
2. Healthy: Protein and minerals like salt and MSG are natural fuels for lean muscle...making Summer Sausage a must-have during the beachy summer months!
3. Eating "Summer" Sausage is just more FESTIVE…every last bite reminds you how long summer really is.

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