Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our admiration of Jared comes from his ability to capitalize on his weight

Let it be known that SEMI-OVERWEIGHT in no way endorses dieting!!

But with little to no recognition in the public domain, a multi-syllabic name like Semi-Overweight is bound to generate some confusion. For only generating 11 total tweets to date, Semi-Overweight has managed to accumulate 55 followers. Not surprisingly most, if not all of our followers are dieticians, doctors, or dating services for the unsightly. If you look around the site, not even the geniuses at google advertising know what we do. Why are there ads for gastric-bypass surgery in our borders?

So it looks like in our inaugural year, besides leaking some heavy hitters on our myspace, our proudest press release has got to be in honor of our most recent follower. We never doubted our immense celebrity power, but who knew that it would only take five months to announce that a legend in the Semi-Overweight community, AND a man who has made his living by managing his weight problem in public, JERED of Subway, has begun following us on twitter!

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